Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dear Families,
Here I am writing my final blog update for our 2014/2015 school year.  It is with mixed emotions that I write this post.  I am happy to have completed this year seeing all my students diligently grow academically, socially, and behaviourally.  But, I am truly sad that our time together in our learning community is complete.  I will immensely miss each student as they have in their own way brightened my heart and soul with their smiles, enthusiasm, and respect.  Each day I was greeted with warmth, spirit, and positivity.  I truly am the blessed one.  I would like to thank each of you (parents) for all that you have done this school year to continually support your child in each and every thing that they participated in (E.g., paying for field trips, home reading, word study homework, extra math practice homework, community walks, Inquiry project, spirit days, Nordic Highland volunteers, Stone Soup, Poetry Cafe, and the list goes on).  As a teacher, I can honestly say, I could not have done it without you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Along with this, I would like to share that I have been placed as the Grade 2 teacher in Alliston at Ernest Cumberland Elementary School.  It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I welcome and embrace the challenge and change as I am fortunate to have this opportunity to experience a new staff, students, families, and school community.  If you would like to keep in touch with me, please feel free to email me at as I would love to hear about your child's summer adventures and beyond!  As a teacher, I hold a special place in my heart for ALL the students I have taught, your child will definitely hold a piece of my heart ... always.  Thank you for supporting my students and myself in all my classroom endeavours, it has meant a lot to me and I cherish your contributions in all that you do!
I want to take this final opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe summer holiday!  Enjoy and seize every moment you can with your dear child!  I will miss them greatly!!!  Take care and keep smiling J
Poetry Cafe:
Thank you families and friends for attending out Poetry Cafe on Tuesday.  The students mindfully prepared for this day of sharing and it meant the world to them having you there to honour and celebrate their learning and love of Poetry. I am so very proud of their efforts, and I ensured I took some time during the Cafe to be present and rejoice in my students' accomplishments.  My heart soared for them!!  Parents, thank you for your generous contributions of preparing a healthy fruit or vegetable for us all to enjoy at the conclusion of our performance.  It was delicious!  I hope you had an opportunity to listen to your child's poems they created in their portfolio, they are outstanding!!  Thank you boys and girls for sharing your 'Voice,' it was powerfully heard :)

Mrs. Roth, thank you for always attentively listening with your eyes, ears, and beautiful heart!

Consolidating our learning with Mrs. Roth - your time, energy, and compassion is valued!
Ms. Doka's Animal Sculptures:
After our Cafe, we visited Ms. Doka's Grade 1/2 class to celebrate their science learning!  Her students created unique and interesting animal sculptures with accompanying habitats.  As inquirers, we asked the Grade 1/2's questions about their project.  It was a very inspiring visit for my Ones because as they enter Grade 2 in September, I believe they'll remember this experience and put in their level four personal best in their learning, too.

Talking Sticks:
Today, your child will be bringing home their year-end gift that they made in class on Wednesday morning.  The message behind it is very meaningful, and I think it’ll be a great tool for families to use during times of sharing and heart-felt celebration.  You will see a note attached to it and understand what I mean J  On this post of gifts, I would like to mention that the greatest gift I could ever receive is having your child in my class!  Some students have made me cards and I will cherish these!

Stuffy & Bubbles Party:
Yesterday, we went out to our outdoor classroom to have a year end party with our beloved stuffies. Thank you to Mrs. Roth for gifting us with bubbles!  Your generous heart is deeply valued and cherished.  The boys and girls had an absolute blast and will fondly remember their 'Mrs. Roth' as being kind, respectful, nuturing, inspiring, and a wonderful teacher.  Thank you for all your teachings, we will carry them with us where ever we go :-)  WE HONOUR YOU!!
Freezie time!  Thank you Mrs. LeBlanc for providing these 'cooool' treats for us!

Teacher Gifts:
To all my families, thank you for taking the time, energy, thought, and love to provide me with a year end gift.  I am deeply moved by your generosity and caring hearts.  I will cherish them all, and please know, I will always fondly remember your support, it has meant the world to me.  My connections with my students' parents/guardians is something I value.  I truly could not have made the progress in your child's academic, social, and behavioural learning if I didn't have you every step of the way - thank you, thank you!! 
Nolan & Family - thank you for the bleeding heart plant, hand lotion, and heart-felt card!
Layla & Family - thank you for the infuser water bottle and lip balm!
Kaden - I cherish you!
Mrs. D'Angio & Kaden - thank you for the bracelet, home sense gift card, and heart-felt magnet!
Emma & Family - thank you for ALL the teacher products, it will come in handy in my new class!
Alexander & Family - thank you for the Tim's gift card and apple treasures!
Brody & Family - thank you for the planter, plants, and heart-felt card!
Thank you also for this touching bag.  Powerful thoughts in TINY packages, I love it!
Ava & Family - thank you for the mason jar full of stones with beautiful quotes written on them.
Ashlee & Family - thank you for the beautiful petunia plant and yummy fudge to share with your peers!
Cassius & Family - thank you for this creative painting, it is so beautiful!!
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Carissa & Family - thank you for the Indigo gift card, I will buy a summer book!
Ava & Family - I love seeing your smile and wishing me a happy summer, too!
#oneforJames - I will do my part and help continue putting smiles on others faces through this act of kindness that James started.  We honour and love you, James.
Karrington & Family - thank you for the generous gift card and heart-felt card!

 Happy Canada Day:
Thank you boys and girls for participating in our final Spirit Day!
Namaste & Respectfully Yours,
Miss Gill